Can your town sell your constitutional rights?

You'd be surprised...

Is the EPA Too Big to Fail?
Did our regulatory agencies REPLACE something that actually served people's needs and not corporations? Should we tear ourselves away from the agencies, and head for the legislatures? Read more...

Wiki and the 5-Second Rule

If you don't spend at least five seconds thinking about the SOURCE of a bit of information, you may be taken for a ride. Read jam's Wiki story.

Is Recycling a Garbage-Industrial Complex Scam?

Are current recycling efforts a step in the right direction...or another feel-good finesse by powerful corporations? Take another look at recycling by the author of Homo metallicus.

Is a "Green" Future Unconstitutional?

Read jam on who would say that a "Green" future is unconstitutional.

jam on the 2011 "Wisconsin Spring"

Read Madison, Wisconsin resident  jam's analysis of the 2011 Wisconsin Outpouring.